August 10, 2015

Hello fellow candy lovers! My name is Scotty and its a pleasure to meet you. I'm new to blogging but a story teller at heart so I will start off by telling you my story. 


I learned the art of creating fine confections from Grandpappy Kerr, his passion for confections inspired me to learn the art and continue the Kerr tradition. He taught me recipes like Edinburgh toffees, Butterscotch drops, Humbugs, and my favourite: Scotch mints. Scotland was an ideal place to start my confection training, because of the abundance of Dairies that offered cream and butter daily.


After sampling some worldly flavours from my local spice merchant, I realized how many flavours the world had to offer, so I decided to pack my bags and travel the world, learning candy-making techniques from all cultures to learn firsthand from locals how they use these exotic flavours.


I travelled to the lavender fields of Provence, the spice islands of Zanzibar, and the cocao plantations of Peru to name a few.


The final destination on my journey was to Canada, where I was to taste maple syrup for the first time.


As soon as my ship docked, I was overwhelmed by the gorgeous scenery; the land was so vast and undisturbed. As I roamed this new country, I fell in love with it.


I decided to settle in this new land, and continue my passion for creating candy, which I have since had the honour of sharing with the people of Canada and around the world.


Although I still follow many of Grandpappy Kerr’s traditional recipes, I am always working in my kitchen mixing ingredients and testing recipes to expand my candy repertoire.


Keep an eye out for new posts on new product launches, recipes using my delectable sweets, and fun facts about Kerr’s!



Stay Sweet,