New Product Alert: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

September 4, 2015



September weather is so unpredictable it goes from cool to hot over the span of two days; makes it hard to decide which kilt to wear. Right now, as we go through what might be one of the final heat waves of the year, I find myself reminiscing of the holidays spent on the coastal shores of the Atlantic Ocean in France. My favourite region was Brittany, where I would spend hours at the beach racing my cousins to the light house where the lucky winner would receive a sea salt caramel. In the evenings we wouldn’t want to leave so we would light a fire and watch the sun set below the horizon. France has been a huge inspiration for my culinary innovations because of the endless variations of confections and pastries.


My newest creation is inspired by the culinary geniuses of France, I’ve created a product as homage to French confectionary masters. Kerr’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels are soft and creamy artisan caramels enrobed in 52% dark chocolate, hand sprinkled with sea salt flakes. Like all my candy, these caramels are cooked in copper kettles as small batches to preserve the spirit of the traditional recipe.


These caramels make perfect treats to give out to loved ones or for indulging yourself.


Stay sweet, 













Kerr’s Sea Salt Caramels are now available at select Costco locations in western Canada.