DIY: Kerr's Lollypop Puppets

September 30, 2015



When I was a wee lad growing up in Scotland, I would always stop into Grandmammy and Grandpappy’s on my way home from school. There would always be Kerr’s lollypops from Grandpappy’s candy shop for me, and if I was very well behaved, Grandpappy would put on a puppet show. The puppets were something Grandmammy had made from some leftover fabric that she had sewn together with love. Grandpappy would use Kerr's lollypops to hold the puppets upright as he enacted the stories and brought them to life for me.  My three favourite characters that my Grandmammy created were Fredrick the cat, Romeo the penguin, and Oliver the owl. Fredrick would always be off getting into trouble, and Romeo and Oliver would have to help him out of it.


Stay Sweet,

















  1. Cut out the puppet shapes from the template (download here or create your own!);

  2. After cutting out the paper shapes, use them as an outline to cutting out your own felt pieces;

  3. If you want to sew on the details (I.E. the belly, ears, nose, etc.) to make them more secure, sew them onto the front piece of the body first before you sew the two body pieces together. Otherwise, you will need to  glue the details on later;

  4. Sew the two body pieces together using the traditional blanket stitch method (suggested method due to ease of use); this method creates a clean look; 

  5. Glue on the eyes and decorate to your heart’s content. We are not opposed to the use of glitter :)

  6. Grab your Kerr’s lollypops and fold the corners of the wrap towards the middle of each candy and tape them down. This will allow each lollypop to slide easily into their respective puppet homes;

  7. Put on a puppet show! (Then eat the lollypops!)

* Please note, to ensure safe crafting, an adult should handle the sewing and cutting aspects of this craft.