DIY: Thanksgiving Craft

October 9, 2015





It’s nice to take time every year to reflect on the changing seasons and celebrate all that nature provides for us. I think I may have almost convinced my family in Scotland to start celebrating Thanksgiving with me. They may need a little more convincing on the turkey aspect…they seem to be partial to a roasted goose.


When my relatives do come to visit, they always arrive hungry and eager to eat, which tends to be a bit of a problem when cooking turkey. If you’ve ever cooked a turkey you will know that it takes a long time! Not to worry, I have devised a method to give my hungry guests a treat to snack on (without getting too full) while they wait – I call it the Kerr’s Super Spectacular Candy Distributing Turkey.


For my littlest cousins I like to hand out lollypops decorated to look like turkeys – it’s a cute distraction until dinner time. Gobble gobble.

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Kerr’s Super Spectacular Candy Distributing Turkey (Turkey Lollypop Centerpiece)




  • Styrofoam

    • Tail 1 – 8” disk with 2” rim

    • Tail 2 – 6” disk with 1” rim

    • Body – 5” ball

  • Tissue paper

  • Scrapbook paper

  • Corrugated paper or textured paper

  • Felt

  • Craft paper (roughly torn into strips)

  • White craft glue and water

  • Kerr’s Lollypops (the flat pops!)

  • Tape

  • Toothpicks

  • Sharpie

  • Ribbon



  • Scissors

  • Knife

  • Glue gun


Please note: The knife and glue gun should be used by an adult. A child should only be using the knife, scissors, or glue gun under the direct supervision of an adult.



Steps for the Tail

  1. Cut out scrapbook paper in the shape of the two foam tails;

  2. Cut out 2” and 1” strips of scrapbook paper to cover the rims of the two foam tails;

  3. Using the glue gun, glue all the scrapbook paper pieces to the foam shapes; 

  4. Let it the glue cool.


Steps for the Body

  1. Make paper maché paste by diluting the white craft glue with water until it reaches a runny consistency; 2:1 ratio of glue to water works well.

  2. Roughly tear strips of craft paper to achieve a rustic look;

  3. Dip a strip of craft paper into the paper maché paste and paste it onto the foam ball until it is completely covered;

  4. Let it dry completely.


Steps for the Head

  1. Crumple up a sheet of tissue paper into an egg shape to form the head;

  2. Tape the shape together and be sure to flatten the side where the head will meet the body;

  3. Using the same technique as above, paper maché the head;

  4. Let it dry completely.



  • Using the knife, make five holes 1.5” apart on along the top of the tail disks

  • Glue the body to the front tail;

  • Cut wings from scrapbook paper and glue to the back side of the body piece.

  • Glue the body piece to front of the smaller tail disk;

  • Cut out beak, roll into cone and glue on head;

  • Cut out comb from ribbon and glue onto beak;

  • Draw in eyes using a Sharpie marker;

  • Insert Kerr’s Lollypops






Turkey Lollypops




  • Burlap

  • Ribbon

  • Googly eyes

  • Felt (gold, orange, emerald green)

  • Kerr’s Ballpops, Kerr’s Bundlepops, or Kerr’s or Fiesta Pops



  • Scissors

  • White glue



  1. Cut burlap into circles approximately 5” x 5”

  2. Cover the lollypop with the burlap and tie with ribbon to secure the fabric onto the lollypop

  3. Cut 3 feathers out of the felt

  4. Fan-out feathers to your liking and glue together

  5. Glue feathers to the back of the burlap covered lollypop

  6. Cut a small triangle of orange felt for the beak and secure it to the lollypop

  7. Glue on the googly eyes (best step for last!) and enjoy your turkeys!




DYI inspired by:

Crafts ‘n Coffee and Trisha B. Designs