DIY: Halloween Eyeball Wreath

October 29, 2015



Do you know what you are going to be for Halloween?


Last year my cousin scared me with his Frankenstein costume, so I’m hoping to scare him this year with my ghost costume. I went as Nessy, the Loch Ness Monster last year.  She’s a bit more of a gentle giant.


I have always loved Halloween because all of the houses are decorated to look like they are haunted. On Halloween night, everything is scarier. Although you have probably walked by each of your neighbours houses a hundred times, as you muster all of your courage to be able to walk toward a house, passing the tomb stones in the yard and skeletons hanging from trees, you hope that when you reach the front door your bravery will be rewarded with a sweet treat instead of being tested by a ghoul.

 The treats are probably one of the best parts about Halloween, both giving candies and receiving them. Halloween is a perfect opportunity for me to be able to share my candies with everyone, and see their faces light up as they search thought their bags to see what they were given!



Stay Spooky,












Scotty kerr










Halloween Eyeball Wreath  





  • 11.5” floral Styrofoam wreath

  • Three 800g bags of Kerr’s Eyeballs

  • Wire or ribbon to hang the wreath

  • Large bow (optional)

  • Felt or paper to cover the back of the wreath (optional)

  • Craft glue (optional)



  • Scissors

Please note: The knife and glue gun should be used by an adult. A child should only be using the knife, scissors, and/or glue gun under the direct supervision of an adult.




  1. If you want to hang your wreath with a wire ribbon, you should tie the wire to the foam wreath before inserting lollypops. Make sure to loop the wire around the foam ring and that it is secure, as the wreath becomes quite heavy when it its fully assembled;

  2. Lay the foam wreath down on a table (top up), and insert the lollypops starting from the inside working outward.  We recommend inserting the lollypops in hexagonal patterns (like a honeycomb) rather than straight lines because the hexagon shape fills more space between the lollypops and you see less foam;

  3. Continue inserting lollypops until the entire front side of the wreath is covered; you will need approximately two and a half 800g bags of eyeballs to cover an 11.5” ring;

  4. Once the wreath is covered you can cover the back of the foam with paper or felt to give it a more finished look;

  5. If you are hanging your wreath with a ribbon, loop the ribbon around the wreath and tie securely;

  6. Decorate as desired!