Youth Day 2016

August 4, 2016

In partnership with Toronto Fashion Academy (TFA), Kerr’s participated in Youth Day Toronto (YD T.O.); a creative arts festival that celebrates the positive achievements of young people by showcasing their music, dance, art, photography, film and fashion. Youth Day was created to engage young people and ignite their passion for the arts by working towards a goal of having them showcase their talents on the stage of Dundas Square, Toronto or in the Youth Gallery in front of 35,000+ people.


Kerr’s was excited for the opportunity to be able to participate in this event, as it was a great way to support young artists and meet some of our youthful fans! Our partner, TFA showcased their latest designs on the catwalk while the Kerr’s Candy team handed out Fruitaffy (now made with natural colours and flavours!), Sour Fruit Chews, Greek Yogourt Fruit Chews, Berry Blend Lollypops, Sour Pops and Moos Cream and Butter Toffee. The Kerr’s team also handed out new flavours of hard candy, Cardamom Grapefruit and an old favourite, Black Licorice Drops! All together the Kerr’s team handed out over 90,000 pieces of candy to many well-deserving youth, and our inspirational Canadian neighbours.


A big thank you to YD T.O. for a great event and to all of you positive and inspiring artists, volunteers and individuals who stopped by to take a picture with me :) 


Stay Sweet,