Congratulations to our Kerr's 120th Birthday Giveaway Winners!

January 26, 2016



2015 was an important year for us, we launched new products, Toasted Coconut Caramels and Maple Ballpops; and we returned to our chocolate roots with the launch of our delicious Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels.


2015 also marked our 120th birthday, and we want to celebrate it with you! In September we asked you to share your favourite memory of Kerr’s with us. Much to our delight, you answered! We received more than 6,000 entries and loved reading every one! It is amazing to see how Kerr’s has played a role in your lives. We would like to thank everyone who participated in our giveaway, and after much deliberation, we have chosen our top five winners.


Out of the 6,000 entries that we received, here are the top five winning entries of the Kerr’s 120th Birthday Giveaway:


“My favourite moments that I had with Kerr were with my grandmother. My grandmother would always have Kerr candies in glass jars on her coffee table. My favourite were the anise flavoured chewy candles and the Fruit Drops. When my grandmother had been admitted into palliative care shortly before she passed, I had purchased a bag of the Fruit Drops for her to suck on since she loved her sweets. A few days after buying them, I had visited again. She had all the "black" candies put aside for me. Even in poor health, with dementia, she remembered that these were my favourite. Kerr candies will always have a special place in my heart.”

                                                                                                                          Brenda P., Kippens, NL



“My Nani (maternal grandmother) always had a big bowl of Kerr's caramels on her coffee table. When I was a child, I would visit her every Sunday when my mom would drop off my sister and I for a few hours while she attended university classes; in many ways, I hated to be there with a lady who would often put me to work for her. But when she was not harassing me into doing chores for her (I say that lovingly), I would sit with her eating Kerr's caramels and listening to her tell me stories of her childhood in Africa and Zanzibar, my great-grandparents from India and their histories (all preserved orally), how we immigrated to Canada and the politics behind that. She would instill morals, ethics, power and strength; she taught me to be strong and intelligent... All while (grudgingly) sitting with her and eating caramels. I did this for years, grew up with her stories and Kerr's candy.”

                                                                                                                        Aliya D., Calgary, AB



“My favorite moments with Kerr’s is when my grandparents would come to visit. My grandfather and I would go out fishing, we would sit in the boat just at daybreak and he would cast his line with this big bobber on it and all you could hear would be plop when it would hit the water and we would sit and sit and sit then after a while he would reach into this upper pocket and pull out a Kerr's Molasses Kiss and he would say suck on it if you go home with a broken tooth your grandma won't be too happy. He did this for all the summers he visited us when I was a boy, we never did catch anything.”

Paul P., McAdam, NB



“My favorite Kerr's Candy memory is waking up Christmas morning and opening my stocking. 4 things I always knew would be in there was; a candy cane, mandarin orange, nuts with the shell on and Kerr's Toffee.” 

Sandy A., Calgary, AB



“My Favorite memory of Kerr's is that big barrel full of Bundlepops next to the checkout. My brother and I knew that if we were good in the grocery store we would get a sucker on the way home. I got my favorite Licorice and him Cherry and Mom had the Lemon. Then we drove home happily and silently. In retrospect, I suspect that because of the peaceful drive home, we might have had them if we were good or not so good in the store.”

                                                                                                                         Lisa B., Fredericton, NB