Monitoring Your Diet: Getting the Sweet Fix Without the Sugar!

June 8, 2017


The Annual Central Alberta Diabetes Healthy Living Expo is taking place this weekend, and to help mark this important yearly event we’ve got some tips to help you get your sweet fix without sacrificing taste or dietary restrictions! An estimated 2.7 million people in Canada live with diabetes, making it an important topic for so many!


Diabetes is often caused by a variety of factors - weight, activity level, genetics and insulin resistance are the most common. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, some of the symptoms of diabetes include unusual thirst, weight changes, extreme fatigue or lack of energy, blurred vision and tingling sensations or numbness in the hands or feet.


For people with diabetes, proper diet is essential. For some, this means eating regular meals throughout the day, whereas for others it means avoiding certain foods altogether. For those taking insulin for diabetes, a snack in between meals is typical.


For those monitoring their sugar intake, sometimes getting that sweet fix can be tough – but it doesn’t have to be. Candies made with sweeteners are a great choice for people with diabetes, but of course there are things to consider! While some sweeteners are great, others, such as aspartame, you may want to keep off the list.


One of the best sweeteners is sucralose, a sugar substitute with a sweet taste and no calories. Sucralose is more commonly known under the trademarked name of Splenda® Brand Sweetener. For people with diabetes, it’s the smart choice to help control caloric intake while getting that sweet fix.


Want to try your hand at a few recipes or check out some other natural ingredients that provide that sweet fix without harming your blood glucose levels? Here are some yummy ones from ADW Diabetes:


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