Bonbons and Wedded Bliss

July 12, 2017

Want to treat your guests to a little something different? Why not try these easy, yet fun and fruity, wedding centrepieces? These are the perfect sweet treat to dress up your tables; a fun twist on the traditional centrepiece.


 After you have made your delicious centrepieces, your guests are obviously going to want to take these home! The only fair way to decide on a winner is through a battle of skill (or luck). Here are some fun ways your guests can win their centrepiece!



Left & Right Story:

Have the Maid of Honour or another female guest read this:


“The youngest person at the table please pick up your spoon. I’m going to read a story out to you, and you’ll have to listen carefully for me to say “left” or “right” and you’ll have to pass the spoon along accordingly. Whoever ends up with the spoon at the end, wins the centrepiece.


This morning, (Bride’s name) LEFT her house and was on her way to (Venue or Church Name) for the wedding. But about half way there, as she turned LEFT, she remembered that she LEFT her wedding dress at home RIGHT by the door! She knew RIGHT away that she had to turn around and go RIGHT back to get her dress. So she turned RIGHT, then LEFT and LEFT again, turning RIGHT into her driveway. Sure enough, there it was, RIGHT where she had LEFT it, RIGHT next to the door.


Finally, she was on the RIGHT track. When she arrived at the (ceremony site), she realized that she only had 1 hour LEFT before the wedding and she still had her hair and make-up LEFT to do. So she went RIGHT to work and finished with time LEFT to spare.


Well the wedding was beautiful-the ceremony was just RIGHT and nothing was LEFT out. Before the ceremony, (Groom) surprised (Bride) with a beautiful gift. She was so happy that she teared RIGHT up!

Off on their honeymoon they LEFT! Of course, it wouldn’t be RIGHT to say where they went.

So, now there’s nothing LEFT to say except enjoy the rest of the evening. Just for fun though, pass once more to the left. Now see, that was fun! Right?”


For more fun games and ideas for the battle of the centerpiece go to:



To find out where you can purchase candy worth fighting for, contact us here!