Let’s go to the Ex!

August 21, 2017



Let’s go to the Ex, oh Baby, let’s go to the Ex!


If you’re of a certain age, you will have likely just sang those words out in your head! The jingle probably set off a wave of nostalgia that can only be satisfied with a visit to the Canadian National Exhibition, also known as the “Ex” or the “CNE.” The Ex is now open, but only until September 4th!


The CNE is one of North America’s largest annual fairs. There have been agricultural fairs in Toronto since 1848, but it wasn’t until 1879 that a permanent showcase was established at the current fairgrounds known as Exhibition Place. Every year the Ex celebrates the rich diversity of Toronto and everything that makes us unique! 


Every year thousands upon thousands of locals and tourists alike pour into the Ex to check out the displays, listen to bands, taste new foods and ride the midway. Like other exhibitions and national fairs across the globe, the CNE has also been the place to check out some of the latest and greatest innovations, including:

  • Edison's phonograph in 1888

  • The wireless telephone in the 1890

  • Radio in 1922

  • Television in 1939

  • Virtual Reality in 1992


For many visitors, one of the can’t-miss attractions is the Food Building. Not only can you get your classic hot dog or freshly baked donuts, but every year vendors try to outdo each other with newer and wilder treats - treats such as deep-fried chocolate bars or red velvet cookies, or a corn dog with a pickle baked right inside! What about a Chocolate Chip Cookie Bacon Blast Cone? Speaking of bacon… how about the Canadian Bacon Taco? If you can dream it, you can probably find it there!


Want to take a trip down memory lane? Head over to www.cneheritage.com for some awesome snapshots from over the years! Better yet, check out this great commercial for the Ex from the ‘80s!



Want to plan a trip? Find out more about The Ex online at: https://theex.com.

Now that you are informed about the Ex and have already gone ahead and bought your tickets, make sure to bring along some super tasty treats as well!


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