Magic Jelly Beans: Your New Easter Tradition!

March 28, 2018

If you are like us and feel that every day (even holidays) deserve an extra dose of magic, this activity is perfect for you and your family! Create pure magic and enjoy as your child watches these Magic Jelly Beans grow into their own special Lollypop Garden. This is a fun Easter tradition to begin with your children and takes only a few minutes to prepare. This beautiful packaging for the Jelly Beans was developed by Kendra Henderson of Hen & Co. to make the activity all the more "magic" and festive.




What You Will Need:




Step 1
Print out the Magic Beans template courtesy of Kendra Henderson of Hen&Co. Cut around the edges and fold in half.


Step 2

Gather your Jelly Beans, drop a handful into your clear bag. We sorted ours by colour to ensure each bag had an even assortment!


Step 3

Fold bag over and secure with tape.

Staple the Magic Beans tag onto the clear bag.


Step 4

Tell the little ones to plant the “Magic Jelly Beans” as if they were seeds! Read the phrase from the back of the card to the children. When they wake there will be a magical lollypop forest in place of the Jelly Beans.

These beans can be planted in a garden, or indoor planter!


Step 5

While the kids are asleep, replace the Jelly Beans with Lollypops.

When they wake up on Easter morning they will be surprised with a fun Lollypop forest!


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