Marathon Prep to Celebrate the Edmonton Marathon!

August 18, 2017


It is time to lace up those runners!


This year, the Edmonton Marathon Family Festival Weekend takes place August 19-20 with runs down Jasper Avenue and through many beautiful Edmonton neighbourhoods. The weekend includes:

  • 42.2km marathon 

  • 21.1km half marathon

  • 10km run or walk

  • 5km run/walk 

  • plus, a fun run for the kids with activity stations throughout promoting physical activity!


Billed as the ‘friendly’ marathon, the annual Edmonton Marathon is often considered a more approachable event with a strong emphasis on fun, friends and achieving your personal best. It is also a certified Boston Marathon Qualifier for 2018.


Find out more about it here:



With the flattest course offering runners a chance to achieve their personal best, this well-organized event is all in the name of several good causes. KidSport Edmonton is the marathon’s designated charity of choice; however, you can also donate to twelve other charities one of which is Diabetes Canada. Donations to Team Diabetes and Diabetes Canada help provide world-class research, programs and services to more than 9 million Canadians currently living with diabetes or pre-diabetes.


Running a marathon is a test of physical endurance that requires a regular training program to prepare. You should build up how far and how long you can run over time. Start off by running a nice easy pace over a short distance 3-5 times each week. Then add one long run every 7-10 days, so your body can slowly adapt to running long distances. Speed work such as intervals and tempo runs help build cardio and stamina, but always take adequate rests to recover – this helps to prevent injuries and burnout. Don’t forget to fuel up before and after, and keep yourself well hydrated throughout your training – you don’t want dehydration to drag you down!


As you would after any workout, remember to stretch it out, re-hydrate and take a cool shower to help with the post-workout healing process. While you’re drinking some cold water, grab a light, sugar-free candy for a sweet (and well-earned!) reward. With Kerr’s No Sugar Added Light candies, you can enjoy a treat after a workout without filling up on calories and ruining your training diet!


Kerr’s Light candies have no sugar added and are a great way to get that sugar fix for those living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. In fact, most of our most popular candy is available as a light product! Discover your new favourite here


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