Spooktacular and Fun Halloween Party Ideas!

October 23, 2017


Halloween is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to ramp up the planning for your annual Monster Mash! To help, we thought we’d share some of our favourite ideas, so here are ten ghoulishly-good tips for putting together a great Halloween party at the last minute! From fun decoration ideas to clever costume suggestions, let our festive – yet frugal– list inspire this year’s fright-fest! 


1. As your guests arrive, have them lay down on the sidewalk or paved driveway and draw their outline in chalk. Once everyone is’s “chalked,”, number the outlines and later in the evening everyone can have your guests try and guess whose outline belongs to whom! A true crime scene mystery!


2. Want to up-the-ante outside? Grab some newspaper and stuff a cheap pair of Halloween leggings with it, the ones with orange and black stripes, until you’ve got a pair of legs. Slap on some witchy looking shoes, and then leave them so they’re sticking out under your front porch. Sayonara Wicked Witch of the East! You can do the same with white rubber gloves and some fake blood... – hello instant zombie hands! Pro Tip: Wet the newspaper to make it easier to work with!


3. Need a quick and easy costume? Nothing beats the classic ghost costume! Grab an old bed sheet and snip out eye holes. If you don’t have an old white bed sheet lying around, go for the worst pattern you can find and be a “fashion victim.”


4. Another easy last-minute costume: thrown on a black suit and black shades, then and slick back your hair for an easy secret agent costume. Mumble into your sleeve while placing a finger to your ear every now and again to add some authenticity to your getup.


5. When it comes to the feast – a punch bowl with floating eyeballs (eyeball gumballs in ice cubes) or insects (gummy worms) never fails. A puking pumpkin (guacamole) or a soaking skeleton (spinach dip in bread) are also great appetizers to includes. Keep the theme going with whatever you choose – check Pinterest for some other ideas! 


6. Carry the spooky theme into the dining room with your dinner decorations. Choose orange and black napkins and use plastic vampire teeth as spooky napkin rings. Don’t forget to cover everything in creepy-crawling plastic insects and rodents!


7. Get the party started with a game of Halloween movie trivia or Halloween charades. Don’t forget the always popular costume contest.


8. Turn the traditional egg-running contest into a Halloween themed game for outside. Separate guests into teams of four, and hand each team one full bowl of candy and one small spoon. One at a time, have each team members scoop up a spoonful of candy from the full bowl and race it across the backyard to their empty bowl on the far side – without dropping any! First team to transfer all their candy wins.


9. A good scavenger hunt is always fun, so give it a Halloween twist! Form teams and send them off with a list of 5-7 spooky items they can find in and around your house (or the your neighbourhood). First team back with pictures of all their finds, wins!


10. Finish off the night with a buffet of assorted Halloween candy, including the Canadian Halloween classic - Kerr’s Molasses Kisses. Give your guests mini trick-or-treat bags to fill before they leave and enjoy the rest of your night!.


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