Sweetening Up Your Office Environment – The Ultimate Morale Booster

July 28, 2017

Some say money fuels industry, some say it’s hard work, but we believe that candy is the best motivation for success. If you’re constantly looking for ways to motivate and engage employees, here are some ideas that can get people talking and sweeten things up in the office!




If you have a reception area, it never hurts to keep a well-stocked bowl of candy on hand. It’s not only warm and inviting for guests, but it also demonstrates that your office fosters an environment of approachability and openness. Even staff can partake in the reception candy bowl – that’s probably something you can bank on – and it’s a good way to get staff moving about, giving their brains a chance to refuel.


Put a bowl of candy on your desk for staff - or at least tell them it’s for them, even if it’s mostly for you! This is one of the easiest ways to start a conversation and ensure that interactions are more frequent. A candy dish gives your team an excuse to stop by your office, start a conversation, and share some important or at least mildly interesting tidbits of information that you can learn from.  A candy dish can also make you way more approachable too!


Are employees dreading the weekly meeting? Bring on the candy! From caramels to Jelly Beans, a piece of candy mid-meeting is a welcome refresher. Bring it out, pass it around, and watch as the creative juices start to flow once more! Just be careful, once your team knows that candy is a regular part of the meeting they may want to have those meetings a little more often!


If some of your employees are watching their sugar intake and you don’t want to exclude them keep No Sugar Added sweets on hand! This will be well-received by those living with diabetes and anyone on a sugar-reduced diet.


Great, but what’s the proper workplace candy etiquette? According to a recent Toronto Star article, deciding “who” gets the last piece of candy in the candy bowl is an important question. Check out the article to gather some interesting intel based of the behaviour of your employees and how they treat those coveted sweets: https://www.thestar.com/life/food_wine/2017/02/14/what-your-office-candy-dish-habits-reveal-about-you.html.


At Kerr’s, we know that candy can be a great ice-breaker and engagement enhancer. Get your employees talking by giving them some sweet motivation!