What do the Ogopogo and Kerr's Slush Pops have in common?

July 21, 2017

Are You a Super Sleuth? Let’s see how skilled you are at solving these mysteries!


From Atlantic to Pacific, from the Great Lakes to the Far North, Canada is a vast country that reaches from sea to sea, and so it only makes sense that our country is home to its own mythical creatures, haunted locations and just plain mysterious mysteries. Here are some of our favourite Canadian mysteries!


The Ogopogo


British Columbia has everything - densely populated cosmopolitan cities, remote rural retreats and the Ogopogo - Canada’s very own Loch Ness monster. Lurking deep in the waters of Lake Okanagan, the first recorded sighting of the Ogopogo was in the late 1800s, and since that time numerous other sightings have been reported.


People claim the Ogopogo isn’t a monster, but a tale told about a water spirit that lived in the lake. Over time the stories of the water spirit eventually became the stuff of legends, and the story of the Ogopogo was born.


While Scotland's Loch Ness is the star of lake monsters, for many cryptozoologists the Ogopogo is apparently the best documented mythical monster with reams of films and videos. But is it enough to prove it exists?



The Great Lakes Triangle


Speaking of watery terror, the Great Lakes Triangle is another amazing Canadian mystery. The five lakes - Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Erie - account for one fifth of the Earth’s fresh water. Once the economic backbone of the Great Lakes region during the age of sail and steam, the Great Lakes have had their fair share of maritime disasters with shipwrecks scattered throughout the lakes.


If you draw a triangle on a map using the three corners of Wolfe Island, Point Petre in Prince Edward County, and Mexico Bay near Oswego, New York, you will find the Great Lakes Triangle. Often considered the area with the most shipwrecks, its history is rife with legends and superstitions. Even comparisons to the Bermuda Triangle suggest mysterious circumstances for the nautical disasters. While most historians have attributed the area's numerous disasters to bad weather or human error, others still remain steadfast in their belief that something far more sinister and ancient is lurking in the Great Lakes Triangle.



The Oak Island Money Pit


Crypto-creatures and mysterious boat disappearances are one thing, but Nova Scotia’s own mystery is in a different category altogether! Oak Island is known for various theories about buried treasure, one theory even being that the treasure was buried by infamous pirate Captain William Kidd before his capture in 1699!


For almost as long as Canada has been a nation, treasure seekers have investigated and excavated Oak Island’s infamous Money Pit. There are many theories about what, if anything might be buried or concealed there. First discovered by teenagers in the late 1700s, the Money Pit is notorious for the number of digs that keep mysteriously flooding. It has been dug up by both individual fortune hunters and big commercial companies all seeking to discover the mystery of what’s buried there. So far, no one has found anything of value. Could it be that there is no treasure and that the pit is just a natural phenomenon, or is there more going on than what meets the eye?



The Kerr’s Mystery Flavour



A few years ago, when mixing a batch of lollypops late one night, the power mysteriously went out and the candy kitchen at Kerr’s was cast into darkness. In an attempt to escape, the candy makers accidentally knocked over a shelf, but unable to see, rushed out. They returned the next morning to find the lights back on and the batch bubbling away – with a mysterious flavour mixed in. Since that time, once a year, on the very same day, the lights go out and the same thing happens, only to result in a new mystery flavour when the candy makers return the next day. So far, no one has been able to explain these mysterious power outages, or how a perfect batch of lollypops is created with  mystery flavours that keep us guessing…





Always delicious, but also mysterious, can you guess this year’s #KerrsMystery flavour? Post your guesses on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The first 5 people to guess correctly get a candy prize pack!! Please see contest terms and conditions for details.


For more fun Canadian mysteries, check out this CBC article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/monsters-murders-and-myths-canada-s-mysteries-1.809118.


Want to taste the mystery flavour for yourself and become the super sleuth? Look for Slush Pops in a store near you!



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