Hit all the Boxing Day Sales Without Breaking a Sweat

December 22, 2017


Shopping Boxing Day sales should be an Olympic sport — dashing for deals, hurdling over abandoned carts, wrestling a fellow shopper for the last box… craziness! Like in the Olympics, every pro athlete needs fuel. If you’re a Boxing Day sales warrior, a little candy can go a long way.


Holiday stress management is no joke. If you’re hitting the Boxing Day sales try incorporating in these tips for the ultimate shopping stress relief:



Shopping doesn’t start on December 26 — it can begin before that if you’re a planner. When you’re mapping out what stores you want to hit, what purchases you’re searching for, and maybe even browsing flyers or websites for deals, try popping some Kerr’s Candy Cane Kisses — festive, and just enough of a sugar rush to keep you moving.


Early Arrival

Arriving before the store opens? At least you’ll be first to the deals! But it does mean you’ll likely have time to plot your route through the store!


Dashing Through the Store

Running through the store takes a special kind of training. You’re leaping, you’re dashing, you’re looking every which way for that once-a-year deal. Try some Kerr’s Scotch Mints to keep your spirits up. They’re refreshing and quick to take out of the package — no unwrapping necessary.


Fighting for the Deal

Uh oh. You’ve been waiting all year for this deal and there’s only one. Item. Left. You have it in your sightline, but so does that other woman who’s hurtling down the aisle. Your hands both grab it at the same time — it becomes a tug of war. Use Kerr’s Toffee as a distraction technique. The shiny packaging and tasty goodness may be enough to let go of the item you’ve been fighting over.


Stuck in Line

After all the running, pushing through crowds, and fighting fellow shoppers, you’re ready to pay — which means standing in line and waiting. And waiting. And waiting. You need a candy with a long-lasting effect. Try a Kerr’s Clear Mint. The soothing natural peppermint oil will keep you calm as the line inches forward.


Shopping Boxing Day sales can be overwhelming, but with a little help from Kerr’s candy, consider your shopping stress under control.


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