Easy Holiday Crafts Kids will Love: Baa-Humbugs

December 8, 2017


Baa-Humbugs: the sweetest sheep you ever did meet! Kids will go wild over these adorable DIY holiday crafts. And since they’re candy crafts, you’ll be able to eat the leftovers. It’s a win-win situation!


What You’ll Need:




1. Print out our Baa-Humbug cutting template .


2. Cut out your cardboard sheep using the template.


3. Wrap wool around your cardboard sheep body until it’s covered. Keep a loop on top for hanging.


5. Glue on a Humbug Caramel Mint for the head.


6. Display!


*If Kerr's Humbugs aren't available in your area try using the Black Licorice Drop in the Fruit Drops assortment.


These sweet little sheep look great on or off the tree. What a baaaa-u-tiful way to decorate for the holiday season!


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