Make Personalized Stocking Stuffers with Candy!

December 23, 2017


If your loved ones are on the nice list this year, they deserve a unique stocking to open. And we have just the recommendation for customized stocking stuffers —  quality, Canadian-made candy!


Now, we know it’s no surprise that we’re recommending candy. We believe in having candy for practically any occasion. But if your aim is to make each stocking you prepare unique to the recipient in a timely and affordable way, candy really is your best bet.


These Kerr’s candy products are available from November to December and they make fantastic stocking stuffers:


1. Holiday Bundlepops

A festive take on our classic bundlepops. These individually wrapped lollypops are available in strawberry.


2. Candy Cane Kisses

Old fashioned red and white candy cane styled chewy peppermint kiss made with natural peppermint oil.


3. Mintets

Naturally flavoured mini drops in lemon, cinnamon, peppermint, spearmint and anise. Low calorie and fat free.


4. Eclairs

Fudge-style flavoured centres surrounded by toffee in raspberry, kiwi, caramel latte, chocolate and black currant.


5. Creamy Caramels: Caramel Apple, Cocoa Centre, or Pumpkin Spice

Choose any of these three types of Creamy Caramels — our signature, soft caramel with a tasty treat in the middle.


6. Chocolate Mint Toffee

Premium mint centred chocolate toffees made with real cocoa, cream, butter and peppermint flavour.


7. Soft Centre Fruits

Variety of hard candy with soft, fruit purée centres in strawberry, tangerine, apple, pear and cranberry. 


8. Chocolate Mints

Naturally flavoured peppermint hard candies with chocolate centres. 


No matter who you’re shopping for, candy can make the best personalized stocking stuffers. It’s fun, thoughtful, and tasty. You’ll have a blast sharing and trading your favourite flavours!


Kerr’s has the candy to help create unique stocking stuffers, Christmas present ideas, and lasting memories. Visit us at to view all of our products.