How You Can Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions Using… Yes, Candy!

December 29, 2017












Ah, New Year’s resolutions. Exciting for some, dreadful for others. If your New Year’s resolution is to stop giving up on your New Year’s resolutions, we’ve got you covered.


Candy may not be able to solve ALL the world’s problems (though we’ve yet to find a problem it can’t at least help) but it CAN help you meet your goals for 2018.


GOAL: Lose weight


One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. It’s no secret that gym memberships surge during January. But weight loss is also a goal that many find hard to stick to. Partly that can be because a lot of people view being healthy as all-or-nothing. They take the mentality of “if I want to be fit, I can never give into a temptation again.” They cut out foods, desserts, and treats and are successful for a while, but invariably many have a moment of weakness and fall off the wagon.


So, what’s the solution? Don’t make foods off limit! You’re much more likely to stick to your healthy eating goals if you build treats into your diet. Don’t think of it as cheating (you may have heard the phrase “cheat day” before… that can actually set a lot of people up for failure). Instead, plan out your treats and indulgences and stick to that plan. Having lighter treats can also make your new regimen more sustainable. Did you know Kerr’s has a line of light, no-sugar-added candy? You’re still getting the taste you crave, but without all the calories and fat. Remember, the way to create lasting weight loss change is to look at it as a long-term lifestyle, not a temporary diet. And in our lifestyle, we definitely want to build in some wiggle room for candy!


GOAL: Quit smoking


Another popular New Year’s resolution is to quit cigarettes for good. We get it. Smoking is an addiction. Especially in times of stress, it’s the go-to reaction for many smokers to reach for a cigarette. One way to combat that urge is to have an alternative at the ready. When the urge to smoke strikes, pop a Kerr’s Scotch Mint instead (or a peppermint, lollypop, etc. — something that will take a long time to eat). It will keep your mouth and hands occupied and also introduce a new flavour into your palette. You can also chew on a Kerr’s Toffee. The key is to pick something that will take a while to eat so you can munch until the craving passes.


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