National Non-Smoking Week - Use Candy to Quit Smoking Once and For All

January 21, 2018

 January 21 to 27 is National Non-Smoking Week in Canada. Quitting smoking is no easy feat, but there are several ways to make your journey to a smoke-free lifestyle a little easier.


One of the hardest parts about quitting smoking — or maybe the hardest part — is replacing old habits with new ones. Research shows one of the best ways to do that is to have an alternate in place. When a cigarette or tobacco craving hits, candy can be a way to get through it; especially when you pick a flavour with a bit more punch. Why not try our Kerr’s Sour Lemon Drops or Kerr’s Ginger Drops? The tang will introduce a new flavour into your mouth, which will likely distract from your craving. Mint can also help as the menthol and makes your mouth feel fresh and clean. Try our Menthol Eucalyptus Drops or Mintets.


Like distracting your mouth, your hands are another part of your body that may need distraction when working to quit smoking. So many times part of the comfort of smoking is the physical act itself, which includes picking up and holding the cigarette. What type of candy can mimic a cigarette? A lollypop! Kerr’s has a wide selection of lollypops from Kerr’s Bundlepops, to Slush Pops, to Sour Pops (great for introducing a tangy flavour, too!), and more. See them all at As an added bonus to keeping your hands full, lollypops also take longer to eat, so by the time you’re done, your cigarette craving may have passed.


The bottom line is that yes, quitting smoking is hard, but if you or someone you love has been considering stopping, National Non-Smoking Week can be the perfect time to do so. And if you do decide to take the leap, well, we hope candy can make the transition easier.



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