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Greek Yogourt 

Fruit Chews

150 g

Soft chews made with greek yogurt, real fruit and sweetened with honey. Flavours include strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. 

Maple Kisses

300 g

Soft creamy candies made with real Canadian maple syrup. 

Kerr's Maple Kisses, soft chews made with real maple syrup, 300g

Maple Ballpops

350 g

Lollypops naturally flavoured with real  Canadian maple syrup.

Kerr's Maple Ballpops, maple flavoured lollypops, 350g
Slush Pops 650g.png

Slush Pops

100 ct (900 g)

An assortment of lollypops inspired by the classic drink..

Kerr's Ballpops, 45ct


45ct (500 g)

A colourful assortment of traditional fruit flavored lollypops. Flavours include: lemon, lime, cherry, orange and grape.

Kerr's Soda Pops, 50ct

Soda Pops®

50ct (454 g)

An assortment of fizzy soda lollypops in orange, cherry, lemon/lime, grape and rootbeer.

Kerr's Sour Pops, 50ct
Bundlepop 24ct.png

Sour Pops®

50ct (454 g)

Double fruit sour lollypops in four blends: cherry/pineapple, peach/green apple, blue raspberry/grape, berry/watermelon.

Berry Blend Sour Pops

50 ct (454 g)

Double berry/fruit sour lollypops in four blends: blackberry/mango, strawberry/kiwi, blueberry/lemon and black cherry/white peach.


 5 ct

A Kerr's original, the classic individually wrapped hard candy in five flavours: cherry, orange, watermelon, blue raspberry and grape.  

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